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The Hollister Urostomy Drain Tube Adapter is a latex-free, small-sized tube that attaches itself effortlessly to the drain valve of a drainable urostomy pouch. It securely connects the pouch to a bedside drainage collector at night, thus eliminating the need for frequent visits to the restroom to drain the urostomy pouch and giving users the opportunity to get a restful night with no interruptions. Perfect for those who are looking for both security and convenience, this urostomy drain tube adapter is made from strong materials that ensure the secure connection is kept up all night long. Easily cleaned with soap and warm water, this adapter can be used again and again for each night. Non-latex material make it safe for use for those who are suffering from allergies. Compatible with the 14xx, 390x, 1840x and 1841x urostomy pouches, an adapter is included in each drainable pouch's box; it can also be purchased as a standalone replacement part. Hollister has been providing innovative, superior-quality products since the 1960s and has been changing ostomy care and giving answers to people who have gone through ostomy surgery. Their extensive list of medical services and products encompasses continence care, wound care, and critical care. The Hollister Urostomy Drain Tube Adapter is one of their ostomy care items that provide a fast and handy solution for nighttime urostomy needs and features the following benefits: reusable, non-sterile, made of non-latex material, and can be used with the series 14xx, 390x, 1840x and 1841x urostomy pouches.


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