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the only reason we gave this such a low grade is because there was just too much to cover in one episode. it played like an hour and a half mini-movie, and managed to cram in 14 episodes into 90 minutes. over and over again, we saw all the show's characters collide with one another at multiple locations as the scream franchise began in 1994. the plot was predictable, the banter was better than it sounds, and the characters were surprisingly well-rounded. while not as timeless as scream, this proved itself as a cult hit and was a pretty good introduction for a new generation of viewers. we just wish they'd let this run longer.

this episode can't really be judged by today's standards -- it came out in 1993 and featured a laughably small role for one of nickelodeon's most iconic characters. but at the time, bo jackson was a big deal. the tennis star was a 6'6", 250-pound redhead who could throw his body around like a projectile, and he was a force to be reckoned with, not unlike his fictional countryman david dunn. two years after rocko's modern life, this show had its eyes on high-caliber animation. and wizards -- like rocko's modern life, which costarred an anthropomorphic cat -- was essentially an adult-targeted show for kids who wanted cartoons to look good. hey, kids grew up. they didn't need to watch rocko's modern life to appreciate the work of miyazaki, but seeing bo jackson break a table over his head would have set them straight.

like rocko's modern life, wizards starred no one outside of the title character. it takes place in the land of ooo, which is shaped like a double-helix, and it's inhabited by green-skinned beings called wizards. the plot was simple: there are two factions: wizards and dragons, and the wizard-versus-dragon war requires a great deal of wizardly strength, agility, and power. with that in mind, bo signed up to be a contestant in the masters tournament, a competition that pits just one wizard and a pack of crustaceans against a pack of dragons. the winner gains control of ooo's largest crustacean prison (one of those giant volcanoes you see in the children's series stuart little). 3d9ccd7d82


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