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Joseph Baker

House Of Cards 4x11

Finish Size: 4x11 inch (width x height) with a die cut hole for hanging on door knobs. Please download our guideline template to setup the artwork and send us a print ready PDF (font outlined & image embedded).

House of Cards 4x11

At the model home, G.O.B. tells Tobias about his plan to get revenge on Tony Wonder, saying only that he is dating a celebrity. When he sells Tobias a Bluth home, Tobias tells him that other sex offenders need houses too, so G.O.B. fills all the Sudden Valley homes with registered sex offenders. G.O.B. receives a call from Lucille who wants him to help get construction started on the US/Mexico wall. Unable to talk any Mexicans into building the wall, G.O.B. goes to the border to put in some manual labor himself where he meets China Garden who offers to find a Chinese crew for him.

G.O.B. goes to Tony's house who is mad that G.O.B. stood him up. They make amends and flirt and bond as they drink wine and eat popcorn. For the first time in their lives they feel feelings so they decide to take things slow and agree to have sex on the night of Cinco de Cuatro. At Cinco, G.O.B. runs into Ann who had a child with Tony Wonder. Upset that he's not gay, G.O.B. recruits Ann to have revenge sex. At the model home, G.O.B. tells her to wear the G.O.B. mask and have sex with Tony. The straight video (taken using the cameras set up by John Beard) would prove he's not gay and he would lose his career. Ann suggests that G.O.B. wear the Tony mask and she wear the G.O.B. mask, and G.O.B. agrees.

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Fool's errand or no, sincere or no, I like the idea of heroism being sprinkled into the mix rather than just survival all the time. I'm not betting on any of the new cast members lasting past the end of Season 4, but a little hope doesn't hurt. And Ford could bring some much-needed comic relief to the show as well, if they play his cards right.

We do get some new villains, and I suspect these will be around to stay. Rick gets into a nerve-wracking situation with these---let's call them "bandits"--- at the house he, Michonne, and Carl had bunkered down in while he's resting there alone.

Bobby Baccalieri drops his daughter, Sophia, off at a baseball game and she notices a birthday-like cake in the back of the car. Bobby later takes the cake to his wife Karen's grave and buries it next to her. While burying the cake he has a "conversation" with his dead wife, confiding in her that he "would have been with [her] already if it wasn't for the kids." Later at dinner, an upset Bobby is followed upstairs by Janice, who questions him about the cake. He initially lies, but then tells her why he did what he did, because it would have been their 14-year anniversary. In Bobby Jr.'s room, the children talk about ghosts; Sophia is afraid, but Bobby Jr. tries to reassure her that there are no such things as ghosts. Janice visits Carmela at the Soprano household to discuss her difficulties in getting Bobby to "move on."

Alcide and Sam are at Marcus' bike shop looking for Marcus, who caused Tommy to be murdered at the hands of his pack. Luna turns up at the bike shop saying that Marcus has taken Emma. Emma eventually calls Luna to tell her that they are at Alcide's house; Debbie and Marcus have slept together.

Alcide, Sam, and Luna find Emma in the living room. Sam gets Luna to take Emma out of the house so that he and Alcide can take care of Marcus. Alcide bursts into the bedroom where he finds the half-dressed Debbie with Marcus. Sam walks in, carrying a gun, but decides that he should fight Marcus as a man and not with weapons or in a shifted form. Sam beats Marcus to within an inch of his life but lets him go after seriously berating him. Marcus retaliates and picks up Sam's gun. Alcide manages to tackle Marcus to the ground before he has time to shoot anyone. Alcide then kills Marcus with one blow to the neck, breaking his neck and crushing his windpipe. Debbie starts screaming, then calms herself enough to say, "Everything will be alright" but Alcide abjures her.

Jason Stackhouse: "'Fuckin' Sookie?'" Pam Swynford De Beaufort: "Yeah, fuckin' Sookie. As usual she's in the god damn way."Jason Stackhouse: "I don't believe this." (to Eric) "Hey! Sookie picked you up, cold and scared on the side of the road, and opened her home to you."Eric Northman: "Well, technically it is my home."Jason Stackhouse: "Fuck you chump! It's her house." (turns to Bill) And you, how many times has Sookie saved your life? Lettin' you drink her blood like it was your own private soda fountain. Now you'd even think about hurtin' her just to settle some score. Are you both FUCKIN' NUTS?!"

Benson and Stabler talk to the Kurtzes' doctor, who says that he never treated Mr. Kurtz for gonorrhoea, but that he did treat Missy. Benson and Stabler confront Missy at her house, and she accuses her boyfriend of raping her and Rebecca and threatening to kill her if she ever told anyone. She reveals that her boyfriend is Joey Field, the clerk at the video store, and that he made her take Rebecca to the store the day of the shooting. She says that Field and Campbell, the masked shooter, were friends.

Tutuola and Munch go to Eric Campbell's house and speak briefly to his drunkard father, who lets them search Eric's room. He had a new stereo and other expensive equipment, including a new answering machine, which has a message from Joey Field saved on it. The message appears to involve an arranged meeting, but is not explicit enough to amount to any kind of evidence. However, a technician at the lab has examined the gunshot residue pattern on Rebecca's shirt and it reveals that Campbell moved closer to Rebecca in order to shoot her (presumably after his first shot missed and hit the man outside the store).

Benson and Stabler go to Joey Field's house and lure him outside (so they can arrest him without a warrant) by saying he is going to win an award for his heroism at the video store. It turns out that Field's father is a high profile lawyer, who refuses to let his son cooperate with the police. At arraignment, it appears as though Field Sr. knows the judge very well, but this does him no favors as Joey is remanded without bail.

Outside the courthouse, Mr. Kurtz pleads with Cabot to spare Missy's life, which the District Attorney's office cannot allow her to do. It's a hollow victory for Cabot, who knows that the person who really should be prosecuted is Missy's biological father, who abused her and ruined her life.

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