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Anthony Wells

Download Game Hitman Codename 47

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Download Game Hitman Codename 47

the weapons in hitman: codename 47 do an amazing job of pulling off the action aspect of the game well. the weapons are all extremely realistic. they all feel different and feel how they are supposed to feel. the knives are among the best in the series. they are all finely crafted and feel right. the guns are not as well constructed, but they do have a very authentic feel.

hitman: codename 47 is a game that is very similar to goldeneye. the designers made a few changes, but they made some good ones. the biggest change was that they added a few more weapons and gave you a little more opportunity to kill your target. they also changed the game to be more of a stealth game. you no longer have to be an action hero to be successful. you have to be very stealthy and be able to find the right moment to make your move. it is a great change and a very welcomed one.

the controls are the main reason why i can't give hitman: codename 47 a high rating. the controls are kind of awkward and are very difficult to use. the developers did try to make things easier for the player, but they still aren't easy. the first thing you'll notice is that you can move by using the left and right arrows. you can also run and jump by pressing and holding the left and right arrows. pressing the up arrow will give you a melee attack, which will knock a guard out and give you a brief opportunity to sneak past them. pressing the down arrow will allow you to throw an explosive. you can also use the right analog stick to shoot and aim your weapons. i really wish they had gone to the next step and made the controls more fluid. 3d9ccd7d82


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