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Yellow - Coldplay (slowed)

The single, accompanied by its TV reception through its music video, received massive radio airplay, particularly at BBC Radio 1. The reaction was chiefly positive and even the newly revitalised BBC Radio 2 played the track repeatedly. This heavy rotation continued for months after its release, eventually ending as 2000's most-aired song.[13] A month after the album was released in the United States via record label Nettwerk, "Yellow" was used as the theme song for ABC autumn television promotions.[15][18] The song was also used as the theme music for The Cancer Council Australia's "Daffodil Day",[19] in recognition of that organisation's official flower's yellow hue.

yellow - coldplay (slowed)

Coldplay have performed the song throughout their career, and it is a firm audience favourite. An early version of the song with different lyric arrangement and instrumentals was performed during the band's NME Tour in January 2000.[35] The song had its debut performance on television on the show Later...with Jools Holland on 6 May 2000.[36] They performed Parachutes' lead single, "Shiver", and the new song, "Yellow"; but it was the latter that had an immediate studio audience impact.[37] They have also performed it at the Glastonbury Festival, one of the prominent festivals in Europe. During their second appearance in June 2000, Coldplay performed "Yellow" and "effortlessly" captured over 10,000 spectators.[37] Coldplay's popularity at this time was still growing and "Yellow" has helped cultivate it; Martin has said it was the best day of their year.[38] During most concert performances, large yellow balloons are dropped on the audience. The first known sighting of yellow balloons was on 24 September 2002 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. Chris Martin noticed the balloons in the air with a surprised look. In more recent years, (January 2013) the balloons are filled with confetti, and at the end of the song Chris Martin would pop one with his guitar causing confetti to fly everywhere.[39] 041b061a72


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