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Play Bakugan Battle Brawlers on PC with DeSmuME Emulator: Step by Step Instructions

After the player defeats Dan Kuso's battlebrawler, they have to fight the second strongest in the group, Shun, and the final battle, Shun, Dan and the player must battle Masquerade and her battlebrawlers. In the final fight, Dan has to overcome Masquerade's custom Amaterasu, her ultimate character. After the battle, Masquerade and her battlebrawlers are defeated and sealed away.

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After defeating Masquerade, the battlebrawler's 2nd round opponent, the player has to fight, Masquerade's 1st round opponent, Dragurin. After the fight, Masquerade's allies, Hal G, Masquerade, and Naga, are defeated. Dan Kuso has two choices: to put the Infinity Core to rest and restore peace to the Bakugan, or to keep it, which would mean to save Vestroia.

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