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Arrange the pineberries: Begin by laying down a circle of pineberry halves on the outermost ring of the tart with the white/pink exterior facing up. Then inside that circle, lay down a circle of pineberry halves with the white flesh facing up. Repeat with additional circles, alternating pink side up and flesh side up, ending with a single pink half pineberry in the center. Garnish with mint leaves if desired. Chill until ready to serve.

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Pineberries are also a type of white strawberry. However, if they are ripened in the sun, they will often gain a pinkish hue. Because of this, those with strawberry allergies should not risk consuming them as they likely still contain at least some quantities of Fra a1. The pineberry is Fragaria x ananassa hybrid, just as is the typical red garden strawberry. However, the genetics passed down in the cross have resulted in a unique pineapple-strawberry flavor and white fruit. Use the links below to purchase these also.

There are several benefits of white strawberries. First, the Alpine varieties have an exquisite taste and aroma. Also, there are unique strawberry flavor accents that can be experienced with the pineberry. Also, the true species (Fragaria vesca, Fragaria chiloensis) will grow true from seed since they are not hybrids. You will not, however, be able to grow true plants from either Keoki or Pineberry seeds since they are hybrids.

Pineberries are a white strawberry cultivar with red seeds and a pineapple-like flavor. Originally a hybrid, these seeds were saved from the F1 hybrid grow-out and are considered an unstable F2 variety. Though these seeds are taken directly from our pineberry strawberries, they may or may not produce similar traits to the original pineberry. We are always down for experimenting! 041b061a72


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