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The Dark Soul By Leia Stone [CRACKED]

When you enter the room, she will not be visible but will quickly appear on the left side of the pillar. Essentially, your battle strategy can be to use the pillar to circle her, get behind her and backstab. It is a good idea to raise your shield when she begins casting if you don't think you can hit her immediately, as your shield will block the AOE if she casts Wrath of the Gods. If you have a poison buffed weapon, about 4 hits will seal the effect. Poison is an excellent way to drain about 1000 HP from her per application. Circle her and backstab when you are able. When she begins casting her heal spell, you can either move to interrupt or backstab her. If you are a high-level hex caster, Profound Still can be used to silence her, making this part of the battle much easier. When she dies she will drop the Saints Set (if you already received it due to high faith, you will get another set), her Idol Chime, the Rotunda Lockstone (allowing you to move the path), and the miracle Soothing Sunlight. You will then return to your world. Another way to kill her requires the following: A poison/bleed weapon The profound still hex Great heavy soul arrow Your favourite sorceries/hex casting weapon The king's mirror An armour set that can reduce casting time (what worked for me was: black hood, lion mage robe, lion mage cuffs, and lion mage skirt) And finally the lingering dragoncrest ring, the clear bluestone ring, and the chloranthy ring The basic strategy is get her to half health with great heavy soul arrow, and if need be defend with the king's mirror since it blocks wrath of the gods at a bit of a distance, and once she is down to half hit her with your bleed/poison weapon until she dies. At this point you must be relentless in hitting her because she can still hit back with her weapon and do some pretty mean damage.

The Dark Soul by Leia Stone

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To this end, when Prince Aidan struck down Diablo in the Tristram Cathedral and bound himself to the soulstone in the hope of containing Diablo's essence, the demon had been given the means to fulfill his plan. Not long after Aidan's 'victory,' he met the witch Adria, who realized that Diablo was influencing the prince. By Diablo's will, Leah was conceived[1] and born a year later in 1264.[4]

Inside the archives, Leah arrived in time to see another projection of Hakan II, who claimed that he had discovered Belial's identity. Afterwards, The Nephalem explored the archives to retrieve Kulle's body, while Leah remained put to prepare for the ritual. Leah successfully resurrected Kulle, who, true to his word, led them to the Black Soulstone. However, he reneged on his promise upon discovering that the stone already had the essences of five of the seven Great Evils, and was slain by The Nephalem. Adria arrived, and told Leah that Cain had told her of the stone over twenty years ago in Tristram, and Leah concluded that she had marked the Great Evils' souls, so they could be drawn into the stone. Once the stone contained the souls of all seven Evils, Adria planned to shatter it, destroying them.[30]

The group returned to their camp. Leah stated that they had to evacuate the people of Caldeum before meeting with Hakan to face Belial, and that Asheara and the Iron Wolves could help them. However, upon entering the city, they found that Belial had already started his attack, raining fire down upon the city. Leah instructed The Nephalem to rescue citizens and bring them to the sewers, and while Adria objected, wanting to focus on Belial, Leah wasn't swayed. With that done, the group moved on into the city proper,[31] with Leah using her power to bring down the gates. Exhausted, she stayed behind with Adria looking after her, while The Nephalem went on to confront Belial. After The Nephalem defeated the demon, Leah bound his soul inside the Black Soulstone.

Brooks, Terry Morgawr (2002)Book 3 of The Voyage of the Jerle ShannaraHarrowing confrontations with the merciless Ilse Witch and the monstrous Antrax have taken their toll on the interpid heroes aboard the airship Jerle Shannara. But their darkest adversary now snaps at their heels, in the form of the Morgawr -- feeder upon the souls of his enemies and centuries-old sorcered of unimaginable might with a fleet of airships and a crew of walking dead men at his command.Paperback 041b061a72


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