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Anthony Wells

Sam SalterThe Little Black Book Full !LINK! Album Zip

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Sam SalterThe Little Black Book Full !LINK! Album Zip

Most of the 240 solos in Collection 6 can be accessed by clicking SOLOS 6 - but first, read this: the solos occupy 201 pages and may take a minute to download, and your computer must have Acrobat or some other PDF reader. After viewing the solos, you may wish to print them and put them in a huge notebook. Also, before clicking SOLOS 6, you really should browse these Historical Notes, in which you'll find many links to in-depth information and charming little-known facts.

The wealth of Avery, however, now proved of small service, andoccasioned him great uneasiness. He could not offer his diamondsfor sale in that country without being suspected. Considering,therefore, what was best to be done, he thought there might be someperson at Bristol he could venture to trust. Upon this he resolved,and going into Devonshire, sent to one of his friends to meet himat a town called Bideford. When he had unbosomed himself to him andother pretended friends, they agreed that the safest plan would beto put his effects into the hands of some wealthy merchants, and noinquiry would be made how they came by them. One of these friendstold him, he was acquainted with some who were very fit for thepurpose, and if he would allow them a handsome commission, theywould do the business faithfully. Avery liked the proposal,particularly as he could think of no other way of managing thismatter, since he could not appear to act for himself. Accordingly,the merchants paid Avery a visit at Bideford, where, after strongprotestations of honor and integrity, he delivered them hiseffects, consisting of diamonds and some vessels of gold. Aftergiving him a little money for his present subsistence, theydeparted.

This vessel was fashioned, at the will of avarice, for the aidof cruelty and injustice; it was an African slaver--the schoonerPanda. She was commanded by Don Pedro Gilbert, a native ofCatalonia, in Spain, and son of a grandee; a man thirty-six yearsof age, and exceeding handsome, having a round face, pearly teeth,round forehead, and full black eyes, with beautiful raven hair, anda great favorite with the ladies. He united great energy, coolnessand decision, with superior knowledge in mercantile transactions,and the Guinea trade; having made several voyages after slaves. Themate and owner of the Panda was Don Bernardo De Soto, a native ofCorunna, Spain, and son, of Isidore De Soto, manager of the royalrevenue in said city; he was now twenty-five years of age, and fromthe time he was fourteen had cultivated the art of navigation, andat the age of twenty-two had obtained the degree of captain in theIndia service. After a regular examination the correspondentdiploma was awarded him. He was married to Donna Petrona Pereyra,daughter of Don Benito Pereyra, a merchant of Corunna. She was atthis time just fifteen, and ripening into that slight fullness ofform, and roundness of limb, which in that climate mark the earlypassing from girl into woman. Her complexion was the dark olivetinge of Spain; her eyes jet black, large and lustrous. She hadgreat sweetness of disposition and ingenuousness.

To the strictest discipline De Soto united the practicalknowledge of a thorough seaman. But "the master spirit of thewhole," was Francisco Ruiz, the carpenter of the Panda. Thisindividual was of the middle size, but muscular, with a short neck.His hair was black and abundant, and projected from his forehead,so that he appeared to look out from under it, like a bonnet. Hiseyes were dark chestnut, but always restless; his features werewell defined; his eye-lashes, jet black. He was familiar with allthe out-of-the-way places of the Havana, and entered into any ofthe dark abodes without ceremony. From report his had been a wildand lawless career. The crew were chiefly Spaniards, with a fewPortuguese, South Americans, and half castes. The cook was a youngGuinea negro, with a pleasant countenance, and good humored, with asleek gl


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