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Hot Pot Master Apk Mod Unlock All

This is an amazing Simulation APK developed by 零下七度. This is mod version of My Hotpot Story with unlocked and additional features. Latest version 1.5.0 is available for Android. Download My Hotpot Story mod APK from above download link.

Hot Pot Master Apk Mod Unlock All

In Virtual Villagers 5 there are six different skills your villagers can master. Of course the more experienced they are in a particular skill, the more efficient they become. For each skill there are three levels: Apprentice, Adept and Master. The highest skill level will be shown at the bottom of the screen when you select a villager, and furthermore it will show you which level they are.

Also, boost your menu when you unlock new recipes for your restaurant. Unlock new cooking equipment to enable you to cook faster. Purchase furniture for your restaurant to enable your customers to wait a little longer for their meals. Give your customers a treat when they visit your restaurant. Put up entertaining Asian shows for your customers as they eat. Open new locations for your restaurants and grow a food chain.

A general difference of SPecial Surprise PD from Original PD and most of its mods in that aspect is that challenges are already available by default from the first game and no unlocking is needed. Also, from all the familiar challenges from other mods and Original PD, only the "Into Darkness" challenge is kept in SPecial Surprise PD (also having been changed in its details), and they all now have also a minor advantage added apart from the expected disadvantages. There is also one challenge that has only advantages, the Test Time "challenge". Here is a list of SPecial Surprise PD's challenges, as they are ordered in-game and with their titles and their in-game descriptions in quotes [the info added by the wiki is inside brackets]:

8.2 Skull WoodsProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 19/24New in this sectionCharacters:Third MaidenEnemies:Gibdo, Wallmaster, MothulaItems:Big Key, Fire Rod, Heart Container, Third CrystalLocations:Skeleton Forest, Skull Woods

In the next room there is another collection of enemies. Once again, it is easiest to use Bombos to defeat all of them at once. Open the treasure chest for the Big Key. If you want to fill up your magic meter, you can bomb the wall to the right which leads to a pot that contains magic. Afterward, use the Magic Mirror or allow the Wallmaster to catch you, sending you back to the entrance.

Diners visit your restaurant not only because of the cozy hot pot dishes but also because of the impressive style of the restaurant. Give the restaurant a new style to impress customers. To complete the decoration, you will have to try to unlock the levels. The hot pot style design is not available. You need to collect every detail by completing each level. There is no constraint in the restaurant decoration style you choose. You can choose to decorate in a traditional Chinese style or a hot pot restaurant with a modern European style.


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