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Buy Versace Watch

The brandname Versace is widely known and even if you have nothing to do with this brand, you must have been under a stone when not have heard of this Italian fashion brand. But what about Versus? In this blog we will look at the differences between the watches of both brands. A kind of Versus vs Versace!

buy versace watch

Whether it concerns watches, clothing or other items: Versace is popular worldwide. That is a bit different with Versus. The brand lives in the shadow of the big brother and it is a lot less known but also a fashion brand. It is even a subsidiary of Versace. It will not surprise you that the range also includes clothing, bags and watches.

No, we don't want to put it that way. Because Versus Versace watches are excellent timepieces with excellent specs. A Versace is perhaps slightly better equipped, with sapphire glass and a Swiss movement: a Versus Versace is very reliable and is cheaper to buy. The price-quality ratio of a Versus Versace watch is excellent.

The watches of both Italian brands show similarities in, for example, the shape and design of the watch case, strap and also the use of the logo. The large medusa head, which is pontifically placed on the dial of many Versace models, can also be seen in the shape of a lion's head at the daughter brand.

Who is actualy buying a Versus timepiece? What about their age? Well, quite a young and hip audience does that. We can understand they do: Versus men's and women's watches are hip and strikingly colored. These colors and the modern designs make the brand quite popular. The younger age of the enthusiasts is also due to the lower recommended prices. They are a lot cheaper compared to the watches of mother brand Versace itself. The lower price is fits better for this target group.

Yes, WatchXL also sells Versus watches. We expect to be able to expand our stock of this brand soon. Are you interested in this brand? Keep an eye on our website, we're sure you'll find many more Versus Versace watches there soon! We also have a wide range of Versace watches. We gradually have the largest selection of watches from this beautiful brand in the Benelux. Feel free to take a look around in our shop!

Versace watches are one of a kind in terms of design. They are Swiss-made bejewelled watches consisting of precious jewels and metals that add a touch of flamboyance, richness, and class to the overall look. Versace watches pay great attention to detail and have intricate designs that suit everyone. They use premium materials that guarantee authenticity and have a wide price range.

They have the Pop Chic collection for a more modern style choice. The Meander watches are made specifically for women, and come with metal and leather straps. The Safety Pin collection has a pattern engraved at the base of the dial that makes it stand out.

Versace watches are mostly plated with high-quality materials like gold and silver that make these watches extremely valuable. These materials add elegance, style, and value to the product. This brand uses materials from the best watchmakers in Switzerland which gains the trust of its target customers.

A Versace watch: Elegant and stylish, Italian fashion for anyone who likes good quality and nice design. Versace watches are outstanding in luxury. Juwelry for men & women who go for glamor and passion. The materials used, the appearance, the color and the finish make the brand a special jewel on your arm. Find your Versace men's watch or your Versace ladies watch at a very attractive price. WatchXL only sells genuine, original Versaces watches including a luxury Versace box, manual and certificate of authenticity.

Are you looking for a Versace mens watch or a Versace women's watch? Order your watch on working days before 3 p.m. and we will ship your watch the same working day. We send our products worldwide with UPS. After receipt you have 60 days to return or exchange (if unworn) your product if you don't like it.

Our men's watches are elegant and chic and will certainly match your outfit. But even if you wear casual clothing: a Versace is a perfect match for anyone who enjoys beautiful, good and functional juwelry.

Our Swiss Made ladies watches are finished to the smallest details with materials such as stainless steel, sapphire crystal and mother-of-pearl. Watches with utmost accuracy, thanks to the Swiss Made movement.

Buying a Versace wristwatch online at WatchXL is easy and very reliable. Since 2005 we offer the best service and the best products. Ordering is simple and safe. You can pay via Paypal, credit card or your own bank account. All watches in our webshop are 100% original. And if you don't like the product, we offer 60 day money back guarantee.

At the heart of this unisex watch is a reliable and accurate Japanese made quartz movement. A mineral crystal glass has been specially hardened to offer a higher level of scratch and shatter resistance. This unisex Versus Versace watch also has a 50m water resistance rating.

Powering this Versace watch is a Japanese made quartz movement for accurate and reliable timekeeping. A mineral crystal glass gives you a good level of scratch and shatter resistance which is nice to have. It also has a 50m water resistance rating.

Next up is another beautiful Versus Versace watch for women. This model is made from a PVD gold plated stainless steel casing that has a diameter of 36mm and a thickness of 9mm. The strap is made of a blue coloured genuine leather and fastens with a buckle style clasp.

This next unisex Versus Versace watch is made of a black ion-plated stainless steel that has a diameter of 41mm with a slim 8mm depth. The strap is made of a strong fabric and fastens with a buckle style clasp.

This unisex Versace watch is powered by an accurate and reliable Japanese made quartz movement. A mineral crystal glass gives you a good level of protection from shatter and scratches. It has a basic 30m water resistance rating too.

Like the previous watches, this small ladies Versace watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement. Protecting the front of the watch is a mineral crystal glass for a good level of scratch and shatter resistance. It also features a 50m water resistance rating which is good to see.

The watch is powered by a reliable and accurate Japanese made quartz movement. The mineral crystal glass has been specially hardened to offer a high level of scratch and shatter resistance. Last but not least this Versus Versace watch has a 50m water resistance rating.

Launched in 1978 in Milan by Gianni Versace, the brand has grown to become one of the most famous and instantly recognisable luxury fashion houses in the world, providing the finest attire for men and women for almost 50 years. This collection of men's and women's watches stays true to the incredible reputation of the brand; the unmistakable, effortless elegance of the designs leave you in no doubt of Versace's dedication to the utmost quality. Read more

Elaborately detailed stainless and gold-plated steel cases provide graceful protection for the Swiss Quartz mechanisms, while linked steel bracelets and genuine leather straps secure the watches without compromising on comfort. The long and successful heritage of the company brings half a century of iconic experience into the present with an eye-catching range of colours, styles and sizes that are guaranteed to turn heads.

In terms of bands, most watches have adjustable bands. Many watches offer multiple bands or simply the option to switch the bands out. You may want to consider the material of your watch band. Bracelet watches are available in a variety of gold, silver and rose gold finishes. There are also watches with leather bands and more sporty watches with nylon or resin bands.

Casual watches are great for everyday wear and sporty watches have a variety of useful features that come in handy during gym sessions or other physical activities. While sporty watches typically have digital screens, casual watches could have either an analog face or a digital screen.

Look for features such as water resistance, shock resistance, alarm bells, timers and stopwatch features. Some casual and sports watches have the option to use a 12 or 24-hour clock and many features times from around the world. The bands for these less formal watches can be silicone, rubber or leather.

Versace watches are exclusive collector's items. Each timepiece from the Versace watch collection is a product of the symbiosis of Italian design and Swiss craftsmanship. Ladies' watches and Men's watches from Versace outlast generations.On the page Swiss watches you will find other swiss made quality products.

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Made with Italian design and Swiss craftsmanship, each piece of the Versace watches collection is a legacy timepiece. Versace Watches will endure for generations and be treasured by everyone. Choose from a variety of multi-colored dials with gold and silver tone cases - elegant and sporty chronograph watches for ladies. 041b061a72


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