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Rihanna Umbrella Solo Version MP3 Download

"As a musician, when you create, something special happens, so many people from the islands or Africa, from these tiny places, have created such great creative impact, but many have not gotten their shot. I wanted to honour them, my vision after hearing the beat was about creating a world that's safe for everyone and keeping the people you love protected whether I'm taking my girl shopping, or hanging with family, everyone is welcome under my umbrella", stated Kingston.Having sold more than 12.5 million tracks to date, the Jamaican raised but Miami born artist Sean Kingston is one of the biggest contemporary pop stars of the past two decades, a chart-topping, award-winning, multi-platinum melody maker whose remarkable body of work (spanning 3 studio albums, 21 singles, 14 Billboard hits, 2 mixtapes, and several sold out world tours) has defined what we come to call Island Pop.Amassing billions of streams across all platforms- including over 240 million streams via Spotify in 2020 alone, and +1.3 billion views on YouTube, Kingston's fans have long awaited a new solo project from the artist. Throughout his remarkable career, Sean Kingston has collaborated with a truly incredible selection of chart-topping artists, everyone from: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown to Wiz Khalifa, Natasha Bedingfield, Fergie, Wale, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Tiesto, and Rich the Kid to name just a few.

Rihanna Umbrella Solo Version MP3 Download

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