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Schritte International 2 Answer Key

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schritte international 2 answer key

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What is Schritte International 2?

Schritte International 2 is a German language coursebook for adult and young adult learners at elementary level (A2). It is part of the Schritte International series, which is an international edition of the popular Schritte course for German learners worldwide. The coursebook contains 14 lessons, each with an entertaining photo-story based on interesting topics, amusing stories and cultural aspects. The photo-stories are followed by varied exercises that practice vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The coursebook also includes a summary of grammar rules, a glossary of words and phrases, and two audio CDs with dialogues and exercises.

Why Use Schritte International 2?

Schritte International 2 is a useful and effective resource for learning German at elementary level. Here are some of the benefits of using this coursebook:

  • It is based on a communicative and action-oriented approach that focuses on real-life situations and tasks.

  • It covers all the skills and competencies required by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for level A2.

  • It offers a clear and systematic progression of language structures and functions.

  • It provides a rich and authentic input of language and culture through photo-stories, texts, audio recordings and videos.

  • It motivates and engages learners with interesting topics, humorous stories and interactive exercises.

  • It supports learners with helpful tips, explanations, examples and summaries.

  • It allows learners to monitor their progress and self-evaluate their learning outcomes with tests, checklists and portfolios.

How to Use Schritte International 2?

Schritte International 2 can be used as a self-study material or as part of a classroom course. Here are some tips on how to use this coursebook effectively:

  • Before you start each lesson, read the overview of the lesson objectives and contents on the first page.

  • Follow the sequence of the photo-story and the exercises in each lesson. Listen to the audio recordings or watch the videos as instructed. Repeat the dialogues aloud or with a partner. Write down your answers to the exercises in a notebook or on a separate sheet of paper.

  • Use the glossary at the end of each lesson to look up new words or phrases. You can also use a dictionary or an online translator if needed.

  • Review the grammar rules and examples in the grammar summary at the end of each lesson. Do some extra practice exercises online or in the workbook if available.

  • Check your answers to the exercises with the answer key at the end of the coursebook or online. Correct your mistakes and try to understand why you made them.

  • Take the test at the end of each lesson to assess your learning progress. Compare your results with the score table and see if you have reached the lesson objectives.

  • Use the checklists and portfolios at the end of each module to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and set your learning goals for the next module.

By using Schritte International 2 regularly and systematically, you will be able to improve your German language skills and achieve level A2 in no time. e8c252e31a


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