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Others use it to improve their response rates and increase their sales opportunities. This is also relevant further down the sales funnel. After a consumer has made a purchase, the company needs to ensure they remain a loyal customer. Consumer data is great for customer retention because it provides a deeper understanding of what deal-makers will make customers loyal.

We recently tested the accuracy of popular audience segments that a range of brokers have on offer. We looked at age and gender, as well as customer interests such as sports interested, travel interested, and fitness interested. To check accuracy, we used data from settings where people had revealed this information voluntarily. For example, we compared the segment characteristics with consumer data provided by survey panels, which was also cross-validated with information from Facebook or from a financial institution.

Customer database software capabilities are often built into customer relationship software, or a CRM. A customer database platform generally functions by collecting customer information, and then a CRM organizes it along with customer engagement data.

Zendesk Sell is a full-service CRM. You can use it to build leads, automate outreach, boost your productivity, and close more deals. Features include advanced sales analytics, integrated communication channels like email, text, and voice, smart lists, and more. You can also boost engagement even more with built-in sales engagement tools. The best part is the CRM integrates with the rest of Zendesk, so you can bring key sales and service data together to create a fuller customer profile.

Freshsales focuses on SMBs that want to keep things simple. It might not have as many customization options as some of its competitors, but customers appreciate that Freshsales is ready to go right out of the box. The clean interface promotes focus, and the program has plenty of features for tracking leads, engaging prospects, and managing sales pipelines.

Founded in 2009, Apptivo has grown to provide a suite of apps centered around contact management, project management, invoicing, and communication. One thing that makes Apptivo different is that it offers a basic contact manager without a pipeline or invoicing. This option is a simple solution for small businesses that just need to track customer interactions.

Using one platform for both can increase efficiency. A Keap customer database software subscription includes access to CRM, marketing automation, payment processing, email marketing, and sales pipeline management. Keap features an attractive interface and an easy drag-and-drop system for building workflows and pipelines, too.

If you just want basic client database functionality in an easy-to-use platform instead of opting for an entire CDP, could do the trick. The company is more well-known for its teamwork features, but the CRM system can be enough for SMBs to manage leads and customer information.

The difference between managing customer information in spreadsheets and using a CRM is like the difference between walking and driving a sports car. Think of customer service software as adding a set of wheels to your sales operation.

Many small businesses start with a basic spreadsheet of all their customers. The good news is that you can import your CSV files directly into modern CRM software systems. Once you set it up, you can begin to add new leads and more information on existing customers.

The bottom line, though, is that companies are using a cornucopia of collection methods and sources to capture and process customer data on metrics, with interest in types of data ranging from demographic data to behavioral data, said Liam Hanham, data science manager at Workday.

Businesses are adept at pulling in all types of data from nearly every nook and cranny. The most obvious places are from consumer activity on their websites and social media pages or through customer phone calls and live chats, bu


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