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Download X-AIR Edit V1.7 for PC and Enjoy the New Features of the Behringer X Air Series Digital Mixer

X-Air-Edit PC V1.7 Download: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile software that can help you control your Behringer or Midas x-air digital mixer, you might want to check out x-air-edit pc v1.7 download. This software allows you to remotely control all functions of your mixer using your PC, Mac, or Linux computer. You can also use it for offline editing and show preparation.

In this article, we will show you what x-air-edit pc is, what are its features, why you need it, and how to download and install it. We will also show you how to use it to control your x-air mixer, and share some tips and tricks for getting the most out of it. Finally, we will compare it with some alternatives and help you choose the best option for your needs.

x-air-edit pc v1.7 download

What is X-Air-Edit PC and What Are Its Features?

X-Air-Edit PC is a software that provides remote control for all functions of the Behringer X-Air series (XR12, XR16, X18, XR18) and Midas M-Air series (MR12, MR18) digital mixers. It enables offline editing and show preparation, as well as real-time control during live performances.

X-Air-Edit PC has a graphical user interface that closely emulates the x-air mixer, allowing you to easily adjust the faders, knobs, buttons, meters, effects, routing, settings, and more. It also supports multiple instances of the software on the same network, so you can control several mixers from one computer.

Some of the features of x-air-edit pc are:

  • It provides powerful remote control for all functions of the x-air mixer.

  • It enables offline editing and show preparation.

  • It has a graphical user interface that closely emulates the x-air mixer.

  • It supports multiple instances of the software on the same network.

  • It has real-time level meters for all audio channels.

  • It allows you to assign user-defined icons and names to each channel.

  • It has a layered working mode for faders that lets you adjust the channel level to the main bus, send level to a monitor or effect bus, or DCA group level.

  • It has selectable functions for knobs that let you modify the gain or pan of the channels, or the gate, equalizer, compressor or low-cut parameters of the selected channel.

  • It has channel selection buttons that let you choose which channel you are editing with the knobs.

  • It has paging buttons that let you switch between different banks of channels.

  • It has a home button that selects the main LR layer and the gain function simultaneously.

  • It has mute group buttons that let you mute or unmute multiple channels at once.

  • It has auto mix buttons that let you activate or deactivate automatic gain control for multiple channels at once.

buttons that let you set the delay time for the effects by tapping the tempo.

  • It has a scribble strip that displays the name, icon, color, and meter of the selected channel.

  • It has a timecode display that shows the current position of the playback or recording device connected to the mixer.

  • It has an effects menu that lets you choose from 16 different effects types and edit their parameters.

  • It has a routing menu that lets you assign the inputs, outputs, buses, and auxes of the mixer.

  • It has a settings menu that lets you adjust the global parameters of the mixer, such as sample rate, clock source, Wi-Fi settings, firmware update, etc.

Why Do You Need X-Air-Edit PC V1.7 Download?

X-Air-Edit PC v1.7 download is a useful software for anyone who owns or uses an x-air digital mixer. It can help you to:

  • Control your mixer from a distance, without having to be physically near it.

  • Edit and save your mixer settings offline, without having to connect to the mixer.

  • Prepare your show in advance, and load your settings to the mixer when needed.

  • Monitor and adjust your mix during live performances, with real-time feedback and control.

  • Access and edit all functions of your mixer, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

  • Control multiple mixers from one computer, or multiple computers from one mixer.

X-Air-Edit PC v1.7 download is compatible with Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, and Linux Ubuntu 14.04 or higher. It is also compatible with all x-air series mixers (XR12, XR16, X18, XR18) and m-air series mixers (MR12, MR18).

How to Download and Install X-Air-Edit PC V1.7?

To download and install x-air-edit pc v1.7, you need to follow these steps:

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  • Go to the official website of Behringer or Midas, depending on which brand of mixer you have.

  • Find your mixer model and click on it.

  • Go to the downloads section and look for x-air-edit pc v1.7 (or m-air-edit pc v1.7).

  • Select your operating system and click on download.

  • Save the file to your computer and run it.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

You can also watch this video tutorial for more details:

How to Control Your X-Air Mixer with X-Air-Edit PC

Once you have downloaded and installed x-air-edit pc v1.7, you can use it to control your x-air mixer. You need to connect your device (PC, Mac, or Linux) to the mixer's built-in Wi-Fi access point or ethernet port. Then, you need to launch the software and select your mixer from the list of available devices. You can also enter the IP address of your mixer manually if it is not detected automatically.

After you have connected to your mixer, you will see the main screen of x-air-edit pc, which looks like this:

As you can see, the software interface resembles the physical mixer, with faders, knobs, buttons, and meters. You can use your mouse or keyboard to adjust them, or use a touch screen if your device supports it. You can also use the menus at the top of the screen to access the effects, routing, and settings options.

Here are some of the basic functions and features of x-air-edit pc that you can use to control your x-air mixer:

Adjusting the Faders, Knobs, Buttons, and Meters

The faders, knobs, buttons, and meters are located at the bottom of the screen. They allow you to control the level, gain, pan, mute, solo, and other parameters of each channel and bus. You can also see the input and output signals of each channel and bus on the meters.

To adjust the faders, knobs, buttons, and meters, you can use your mouse or keyboard to drag them up or down, left or right, or click on them. You can also use a touch screen if your device supports it. You can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse to adjust the knobs.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to adjust the faders, knobs, buttons, and meters. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use:


Keyboard Shortcut

Select channel

1-16 for channels 1-16; Q-P for channels 17-32; A-L for buses 1-12; Z-M for buses 13-16; F1-F4 for FX returns 1-4; F5-F8 for FX sends 1-4; F9-F12 for main LR and auxes 1-4

Select function

G for gain; P for pan; E for equalizer; C for compressor; L for low-cut; S for send level; D for DCA group level

Increase value

Up arrow or right arrow

Decrease value

Down arrow or left arrow

Mute channel


Solo channel


Reset value


Toggle auto mix mode




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