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Bu Xumar - Aslixan və Xumar Qədimovanın Yeni Tərz Musiqi Parçasının Arxasındakı Hekayə

Aslixan - Bu Xumar: A New Trend in Azerbaijani Music

If you are looking for some fresh and catchy music from Azerbaijan, you might want to check out Aslixan's latest song, Bu Xumar. This song, featuring the famous singer Xumar Qədimova, has become a viral hit on YouTube and social media, attracting millions of views and positive feedback. But what makes this song so special and popular? In this article, we will explore the lyrics, the music video, and the reasons behind the success of Bu Xumar.


Who is Aslixan?

Aslixan is a young and talented rapper from Azerbaijan, who started his musical career in 2016. He is known for his unique style, combining rap with traditional Azerbaijani elements, such as mugham and ashiq. He has released several songs and albums, such as Qara Qarayev, Qarabağ, and Afro. He has also collaborated with other famous artists, such as Miri Yusif, Röya Ayxan, and Nigar Jamal.

aslixan bu xumar

What is Bu Xumar?

Bu Xumar is Aslixan's latest song, released on May 13, 2022. It features the vocals of Xumar Qədimova, one of the most popular and respected singers in Azerbaijan. She is known for her powerful voice and her diverse repertoire, ranging from pop to folk to jazz. She has represented Azerbaijan in various international contests, such as Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and Turkvision Song Contest 2015.

Why is it a new trend?

Bu Xumar is a song that has captured the attention and admiration of many listeners, both in Azerbaijan and abroad. It has received over 9 million views on YouTube, over 100 thousand likes on Instagram, and over 50 thousand streams on Spotify. It has also been praised by critics and fans alike, who have described it as a masterpiece, a hit, and a new trend in Azerbaijani music. But what makes this song so appealing and influential? Let's find out.

Main Body

The Lyrics of Bu Xumar

The Meaning of Bu Xumar

The title of the song, Bu Xumar, literally means "This Dream" in Azerbaijani. However, it also has a double meaning, as it refers to the name of the singer, Xumar Qədimova. Therefore, the song can be interpreted as a tribute to her, as well as a celebration of her musical legacy. The lyrics of the song are mostly in Azerbaijani, but they also include some words and phrases in English, such as "mic online", "type on time", "vibe", "Lambo", "Vita", and "Afrodita". These words add some flavor and contrast to the song, as they reflect the fusion of different cultures and influences.

The Style of Bu Xumar

The style of Bu Xumar is a blend of rap and pop, with some elements of afrobeat and mugham. The song has a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase "Yeni tərz, yeri gəlsə, oxu tar / Yenə məst edəcək bu Xumar", which means "New style, when it comes to it, sing / This dream will enchant again". The verses are divided between Aslixan and Xumar Qədimova, who showcase their skills and charisma with fast-paced and smooth and melodic rhymes. The song also features a bridge, where Xumar Qədimova sings a part of her famous song "Afrodita", which was released in 2015. This part adds some nostalgia and emotion to the song, as it reminds the listeners of her previous works and achievements.

The Message of Bu Xumar

The message of Bu Xumar is a positive and uplifting one, as it encourages the listeners to follow their dreams and express themselves through music. The song also celebrates the collaboration and friendship between Aslixan and Xumar Qədimova, who have different backgrounds and genres, but share a common passion and vision. The song also shows respect and admiration for Xumar Qədimova, who is considered as a legend and an inspiration in Azerbaijani music. The song also aims to promote Azerbaijani culture and language, as it showcases the richness and diversity of its musical heritage.

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The Music Video of Bu Xumar

The Production of Bu Xumar

The music video of Bu Xumar was directed by Orxan Hüseynov, who is a well-known and experienced filmmaker in Azerbaijan. He has worked with many famous artists, such as Miri Yusif, Röya Ayxan, Nigar Jamal, and Emin Agalarov. He has also directed several short films and documentaries, such as "Qarabağ: Sənədlər və Şahidlər" ("Karabakh: Documents and Witnesses") and "Birinci Qarabağ Müharibəsi" ("The First Karabakh War"). The music video of Bu Xumar was filmed in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, and it features various locations and landmarks, such as the Flame Towers, the Heydar Aliyev Center, the Baku Boulevard, and the Old City.

The Visuals of Bu Xumar

The visuals of Bu Xumar are colorful and dynamic, as they match the mood and energy of the song. The music video shows Aslixan and Xumar Qədimova performing the song in different settings, such as a studio, a rooftop, a car, a park, and a stage. The music video also includes some scenes of dancers, who perform choreographies inspired by afrobeat and mugham. The music video also uses some special effects, such as slow motion, fast forward, zoom in, zoom out, and split screen. The music video also uses some symbols and motifs, such as fire, water, flowers, stars, and flags.

The Reception of Bu Xumar

The reception of Bu Xumar has been overwhelmingly positive, as the music video has received many compliments and praises from the viewers. The music video has been applauded for its quality, creativity, originality, and diversity. The music video has also been appreciated for its representation of Azerbaijani culture and identity, as it showcases its beauty, history, art, and values. The music video has also been recognized for its contribution to Azerbaijani music industry, as it sets a new standard and trend for future projects.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Bu Xumar is a song that has made a huge impact on Azerbaijani music scene, as it combines rap and pop with afrobeat and mugham. The song features Aslixan and Xumar Qədimova, who are two of the most prominent and respected artists in Azerbaijan. The song has a catchy chorus, a fast-paced rap, and a nostalgic bridge. The song also has a positive and uplifting message, as it encourages the listeners to follow their dreams and express themselves through music. The song also pays homage to Xumar Qədimova, who is considered as a legend and an inspiration in Azerbaijani music.

Personal opinion and recommendation

Personally, I think that Bu Xumar is a great song that deserves all the attention and praise it has received. I think that Aslixan and Xumar Qədimova have done an amazing job in creating a song that is both modern and traditional, both fun and meaningful, both catchy and profound. I think that Bu Xumar is a song that can appeal to different audiences and tastes, as it offers something for everyone. I would highly recommend this song to anyone who likes rap, pop, afrobeat, or mugham, or anyone who wants to discover some new and exciting music from Azerbaijan.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Bu Xumar:



Where can I listen to Bu Xumar?

You can listen to Bu Xumar on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, or any other streaming platform.

Where can I find the lyrics of Bu Xumar?

You can find the lyrics of Bu Xumar on Genius, Musixmatch, LyricsTranslate, or any other lyrics website.

Who wrote and produced Bu Xumar?

Bu Xumar was written by Aslixan and Xumar Qədimova, and produced by Aslixan and Orxan Hüseynov.

What are some other songs by Aslixan and Xumar Qədimova?

Some other songs by Aslixan are Qara Qarayev, Qarabağ, Afro, Baku Night, and Yoxsan. Some other songs by Xumar Qədimova are Afrodita, Mənimsən, Dünya Sənindir, Sənə Qurban, and Günahkar.

What are some other genres of Azerbaijani music?

Some other genres of Azerbaijani music are mugham, ashiq, meykhana, jazz, rock, folk, classical, and pop.


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