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[S1E9] Interview

'Meet the Innovators' Season 1, Episode 9: A video interview with Jonathan Gunn, PhD, JD, co-founder and CEO, Briteseed LLC. Chicago-based Briteseed LLC is developing the next generation of smart surgical tools that can provide visual, anatomical information to surgeons in real-time. In addition to improving patient outcomes, Jonathan believes Briteseed could offer significant cost savings for payors and providers impacted by non-reimbursable costs.

[S1E9] Interview

After that powerful scene, Cory holds a meeting with Bradley and Chip; Chip is unsure about the interview between Bradley and Mitch but Cory says that they have to move fast. Chip asks about Alex, but Bradley and Cory do not seem phased about hurting the co-anchor in the process.

Holden and Bill look at clippings about Richard Speck. Holden followed the case as it was emerging and Bill says Nancy didn't sleep for a week. She'd just started nursing school and he killed nurses. There's an interview with Speck in the paper and Bill says they should have saved themselves the trip and used that instead. Holden says he lied in that interview, but Bill reminds him that Speck will probably lie to them as well. Holden wonders how the interviewer got him to talk and Bill says he probably kissed his ass. He called Speck a romantic figure. He's as bad as Holden. Holden's shocked that Bill would turn out the chance to meet Richard Speck. He's almost as famous as Manson. Bill says maybe he'll give Holden an autograph and Holden asks for confirmation that that would be inappropriate.

Holden and Bill arrive at the prison, where they surrender their guns and sign in. They meet Deputy Warden Armstrong inside the gates. As he leads them in, he talks about the FBI's psychology department painting that prison pink because it was supposed to calm the inmates. The inmates ate it off the bars before they could check. As they walk past other cells, Bill and Holden say they usually prefer to come in quietly so their interviewees don't appear to be snitches. Armstrong says they pulled him to toss his cell, something they do twice a month, so it looked like business as usual. Armstrong shows them photos he got from his groupies that were removed from his cell. He has hundreds of groupies, which keeps the whole prison stocked with smut. They watch Speck yell expletives at the guards as they strip his cell.

As he's put in the room, Speck says he won't talk to the feds, using the same strong language he did with the guards. Despite this, Bill manages to get Speck to sit down. Holden explains their work to him. Speck thinks he's different from their other interviewees, saying the others are crazy. They then notice he's holding a bird. It had a broken wing and he fed it through an eyedropper. Bill starts to ask him about his crimes, but he stays silent, so Holden asks to see his tattoo, which he's read about. Holden has to roll up Speck's sleeve, which reveals a tattoo that says, "Born To RAISE HELL." Bill again asks about the crimes, but Speck says nothing. So Holden leans over and says he has to ask what gave Speck the right to take "eight ripe cunts" out of the world. Holden asks if he ever thought he was depriving the rest of them. Speck starts to laugh and says Holden's crazy. Holden asks how he even did it, eight women in one day. Speck says he didn't fuck all of them, just one. He could have fucked all of them, but he didn't because they kept coming. When they came home, he put them in rooms and tied them up. Once he killed one, he had to kill all of them and he killed the first one because she was crying and loud. Holden reminds him that he told someone that she spat in his eye and could pick him out of a lineup. Speck says he just wants to kick back with his heroin and hooch. He has his sources for them. He made his own still and kept it in a guards' desk. Holden asks if the spitting thing is true and Speck says the girl got after him. She listened to him, but he killed her because he wanted to. He choked her and it took forever. He then says he stabbed the others because it was faster. He lied to them and said he was just going to rob them, not kill them. One woman survived by hiding under a bed. He lost count and missed her. Speck says he never thought about why he did it. Holden asks if he thought about it when he tried to kill himself. Speck denies having ever done that. Speck says the slashes on his wrist came from a fight and he killed the guy who did it. It wasn't in the papers because no one cares. He claims not to have felt anything when it happened. He still feels nothing. Holden asks if he's sure he didn't feel bad about those girls when he slashed his wrists. He again denies having done that. Holden suggests that maybe he was feeling sad for himself instead. Speck gets angry and throws his bird into the fan while he says those "cunts" died because it just wasn't their night.

Holden and Bill are disturbed as they leave the prison. Holden admits that he actually briefly felt sorry for him. He'd like to video tape the interviews, saying audio won't do it justice. Bill stays silent.

Gregg is transcribing and Holden goes to look at his work. He says there are parts of the interview that may be best left off the permanent record. He shows Gregg the portion he means. Gregg pulls out another paper and types that there was an audio malfunction.

OPR talks to Bill, Holden, and Gregg about their work at the BSU. Bill shows them the requests he made of the prison, which they ignored. Peter Dean then asks Holden specifically about his actions. Holden says he was slightly aggressive and tried to speak Speck's language. They have a transcript of the interview, which Gregg hands over. When asked about the tape, they say they reuse them, so it was taped over. John Boylen says he recommends they don't do that in the future. They also hand over their notes on the interview. Once the recording of their interview is stopped, Boylen calls Speck a shit stain and they all laugh about it.

Holden, Bill, and Gregg are back in the basement. Gregg says he sweat through his shirt. They talk about destroying the tape and Holden asks where it is. Gregg says it's in his desk and Holden says to give it to him. Gregg says it makes him nervous. They go back into their office to find Shepard listening to the tape. Shepard asks them what they told OPR and Holden says there was nothing there. Gregg says they gave over a transcript. Shepard is angry. Wendy brings up the language Holden used and asks if he had Gregg redact it. He must have known it was sensitive. Holden says it's sensitive for some people. Wendy knows he means her. Shepard doesn't like it either. Holden says they're talking to serial killers. They won't like everything. Shepard says everything they do is subject to public record. Holden doesn't have a problem with that and says he would have left it as-is. Holden says there's no procedural rule book for how to talk to their subjects. Wendy reminds him of the questionnaire, but Holden says it doesn't always work. Wendy says he hasn't let it work. He was in there less than three minutes when he said what he did. Holden says that's when he admitted to raping only one woman. Holden tries to justify what he did to get Speck talking, but Shepard disagrees. Holden say they used their work to identify a murdered in Georgia. It's not theoretical anymore. Wendy says their board is mostly background research, not a result of the interviews. Holden says what they do all comes tougher. Wendy says it could jeopardize everything for them. Shepard asks what happened to the interview and Gregg says he outright lied in the interview about the Speck tape being erased. He gave them the redacted transcript. They don't know about the "eight ripe cunts" and Holden says they don't care. They're all in on a cover up. Gregg says he can't be in on it, but Shepard reminds him that he told OPR there was no tape. Holden says they won't know about the tape unless someone says something, so he doesn't want to say anything. Wendy disagrees. She wants them to be transparent. Shepard says being caught in a lie would be very bad. Wendy wants them to go back and tell the truth. Shepard's not so sure, but Bill comes back in and says to leave it. He tells them to burn the tape. OPR doesn't care about Speck. No one does. It can die right there. Shepard says they won't turn in the tape or speak about it further. They'll protect the unit. He says he's never before been put in the position to lie to the Bureau and he resents it, so going forward, they'll establish clear guidelines for the interviews and adhere to them. He never wants to listen to a tape like that again. He leaves. Wendy goes into her office and shuts the door, as does Bill.

Ramsey speculated on the reaction to The Last of Us Season 1, Episode 9, "Look for the Light," in an interview with Vogue. "It's going to divide people massively -- massively," she said. Should Ramsey's prediction prove accurate, it wouldn't be the first time The Last of Us has courted controversy. The show came under fire early in its run for changing core aspects of its video game source material's mythology and has since fallen afoul of review bombing by viewers unhappy with its inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters and themes.

Ramsey touched on review bombing in a recent interview, insisting she's "not particularly anxious" about fans who take issue with The Last of Us' LGBTQ+ content. "I know people will think what they want to think," she said. "But they're gonna have to get used to it. If you don't want to watch the show because it has gay storylines, because it has a trans character, that's on you, and you're missing out." The star went on to praise the episode targeted by the review bombing campaign, "Long, Long Time," recalling how she cried during a montage sequence late in proceedings.

Heinrich spends time with Duane Hart, a man later convicted of sex offenses against boys in central Minnesota. Hart sometimes parties with boys at a place on farmland outside Paynesville that they referred to as the Big Valley. It's the place Heinrich later assaulted and murdered Jacob Wetterling.Private investigator Larry Peart spent 60 hours interviewing sex offender Duane Hart and circled in his notes a connection Hart claimed to have with Danny Heinrich. 041b061a72


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