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Anthony Wells
Anthony Wells

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clooneys pub is really more of an upscale dive bar if that is even a real thing. clooneys pub starts serving drinks at the crack of dawn so if youre the type to enjoy your breakfast with a pint, then you found your place to go. the horseshoe-shaped bar is pretty cool and they serve some pretty tasty food as well, we recommend the roast beef.

kids are alright! dalla & sons this great little neighborhood tavern, nestled in a residential neighborhood of south davis county, is your perfect refuge. the space is intimate, with high ceilings, a brick facade and a close-knit vibe. the staff is warm, attentive and friendly, and the menu is full of tasty options. choose from delicious comfort foods, like the classic roast beef and mashed potatoes, or a bit of a twist on the usual burger and fries, with fried pork chop on a soft bun. (rh) 36 w. 100 south, 801-922-7222,

a brewed breeze the brass kettle this restaurant does things a little differently. rather than being a bar, it's a coffee shop with a cocktail menu. the space is laid out as a room, with a communal table for grab-and-go snacks, an outdoor patio for cold-weather drinking and a fully functioning kitchen that you can watch from the patio. and the cocktail menu is huge, with dozens of options, from classics like the collins and the manhattan to more than a dozen specialty drinks, including a great coconut-milk-based cocktail, the floral dandy. not to mention a craft beer list that's not only local but mostly microbrews, like a porter by wasatch and a refreshing pilsner by big sky. (rh) 118 e. 400 south, 801-922-7393, 3d9ccd7d82


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