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Albert Kharitonov
Albert Kharitonov

Hot Girls (213) Mp4

Eddie's life is torn apart by the accusation of statutory rape from the overprotective father of a lonely teenager trying to make friends lied to a group of other teenage girls about her encounter with Eddie (which one of the other girls told her father to get rid of her), while Mitch deals with the anger of a paraplegic former lifeguard.

Hot Girls (213) mp4

Later a shark arrives and knocks Craig off his board. Craig is knocked unconscious. After Mitch has scared away the shark, he rescues Craig. When Mitch hears a seagull, they know they are close to shore. They end up at San Clemente, an island the military use for target practice. They are arrested by the military and returned home. Craig decides to give his relationship with April another chance. Meanwhile, Cody and J.D. get into a battle of egos. Both J.D. and Cody try to put up the sail on their sailboat. But both of them fail and Jessie is the one who ends up doing it. J.D. is working extra at a local Bally Total Fitness club. When Cody arrives, he starts training the girls for free. This upsets J.D. who thinks that Cody is stealing money right out of his pocket. The two of them also decides to have a churro contest. Cody is planning on entering the Oceanside pre-Olympic triathlon. J.D. tells him that he can do it too. Then Jessie decides to participate as well. Cody and J.D. keeps ruining the race for each other all the time. And in the end, when they have injured themselves, Jessie beats them at the finish line. 041b061a72


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