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Alexander Stewart

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

In RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, that nasty old Umbrella Corporation, "the largest and most powerful corporation in the world," is up to its bad old tricks again. This time, it unleashes a virus on the residents of Raccoon City. The virus kills them. But then "they don't stay dead," which means lots and lots of zombies of every age, shape, and size. After various experiments in the Hive, Alice (Milla Jovovich) now has enhanced powers and joins an intrepid group trying to escape from the quarantined city. But first they must rescue the young daughter of a scientist so that he will tell them how to get out. The group includes a reporter with a video camera, two military rescue operatives, and a smart aleck (Mike Epps).

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

As the T-virus spreads across the earth turning humanity at large into mindless, hungry undead, a group of survivors from the desolate Raccoon City travel through the Mojave desert in an attempt to reach Alaska and escape the impending zombie apocalypse. Continued experiments carried out by The Umbrella Corporation cause more terrifying mutations in the infected that make them even more deadly. Alice discovers the extent of her new powers brought on by the virus, and that her blood may hold a cure. She decides to seek revenge on The Umbrella Corporation, specifically Albert Wesker, a villain from the games introduced as a new character in this film.

Last year?s 28 Days Later and this year?s Dawn of the Dead remake were so thrilling largely because they gave us zombies, formerly a tad poky on screen, who sprinted like velociraptors after human flesh. In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the undead are back to stumbling in the dark, sometimes even in blurry slo-mo, making the many packs of them about as terrifying as the mobs waiting for Matt and Katie outside the Today studio. And that?s the least of this horrid movie?s disappointments. As a vanquisher named Alice trying to get out of the plague-infested Raccoon City, Milla Jovovich videogamely kicks into action with a backflip off a motorcycle after she rams it through a stained-glass cathedral window, but the rest of the cast is strictly straight-to-DVD. So?s the rest of this shotgun-to-the-head movie, which made a killing in its opening weekend-boding well for an apocalypse of the cinematic variety.

Cain often preached efficiency and productiveness to his subordinates. While Cain gained the respect of his fellow soldiers, many others felt he was grossly incompetent, having no sense of collateral impact on decisions and was short-sighted. Nevertheless, Cain soon ascended to become both Umbrella North American Operations Director & Vice President in Charge of Operations, recommending his old friend from his Army days; James Shade, to replace him as head of Security Division. 041b061a72


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