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Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stewart

Some Hearts Are Diamonds

There is not time, there is not time, no time, to touch the sky, or kiss a flower. Life is so full of things to do . . . So many roads to follow. There is not time, there is not time, no time. Does love come knocking at your door? And do you turn away? Is there a friend in need, a friend who needs your thoughts, your touch, your song? Is there a friend who calls out in the night, and hears only the echo of the wind? There is not time, there is not time, no time. Is there a journey you should take? An ocean you should sail, a letter you should write? Perhaps there is a mountain you should climb? There is not time, there is not time, no time. Is there a quiet place you need to be where you can think about the Universe? Is there a rocket-ship you need to fly into an inner-planetary space? There is not time, there is not time, no time. But what if there was time? What if the day was all at your command? Would you have courage to adventure forth and pioneer a distant, unknown land? What if each ample hour was all your own? What if each minute just belonged to you? How would you live your seconds out? And there is time, and time, and time, and time. So will you touch the sky and kiss a flower? Will you do all the things there are to do? Will you trade in your diamonds for some hearts, will you, at last, to your own self be true? What will you do when love knocks on your door? Will you reach out and help a friend in need? When in the dark you hear an anguished cry, will you be there, and dare to let love lead? And there is time, and time, and time and time. Will you adventure out to distant stars, and sail in thought upon tempestuous seas? Will you climb mountains up into great skies, and live the truth that heals, inspires, and frees? Will you take refuge in a quiet place where you can write, imagine, play, and dream? Will you book passage on a rocket-ship? Or do some idling by an alpine stream? And there is time, and time, and time. Each day is yours, each hour at your command! You can adventure out, or stay right here. All good is yours for asking, where you stand. ''There is no time, no time . . . '' you'll hear them say. There is no time? Temptation to believe. But there is time. Be happy, whole, and free. Dream up, dream out, your own Eternity.

Some Hearts Are Diamonds

OK. I made it back from Comic-Con weary and only somewhat alive, but entranced with all the glorious things I saw there. But now that I'm chained back to my desk at Puzzle Central, I can't stop day dreaming about Walking Dead trailers and MythBusters panels. I was so distracted this week, I couldn't come up with a puzzle, but I did find a scrap of paper in a drawer with a bunch of numbers on it. If you can figure out what they mean, E-mail me your solution by Friday night and one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate from our friends at ThinkGeek. What's the answer?

Further, the clarification referred to above had, as its focus, whether the physical characteristics of the candle in question limited it to a specific use. While Autom claims similarly that the combination of the cross, heart and diamond limits (to some extent) its candle to religious use, Autom provides no evidence for this assertion. 041b061a72


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