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Who is Sura İskenderli? Biography, Career, and Awards

Sura Iskenderli: The Rising Star of Turkish Pop Music

If you are a fan of Turkish pop music, you have probably heard of Sura Iskenderli, the young and talented singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the industry with her catchy and emotional songs. But who is Sura Iskenderli, and what makes her stand out from the crowd? In this article, we will explore her biography, musical style, popular songs, awards, and achievements, and find out why she is one of the most promising stars of Turkish pop music.

sura iskenderli

Who is Sura Iskenderli?

Sura Iskenderli is an Azerbaijani-born Turkish pop singer and songwriter. She was born in 1994 in Baku, Azerbaijan, and moved to Turkey with her family when she was a child. She has been interested in music since she was a little girl, and started learning classical music, guitar, and piano at a young age. She also studied music theory and composition at the Istanbul University State Conservatory.

Early life and musical education

Sura Iskenderli grew up in a musical family. Her father was a musician who played the tar, a traditional string instrument, and her mother was a singer who performed folk songs. Sura inherited their passion for music and started singing and playing instruments when she was only four years old. She attended various music courses and participated in several competitions and festivals as a child. She also joined a choir and performed in different venues.

When she moved to Turkey, she continued her musical education at the Istanbul University State Conservatory, where she studied music theory, harmony, solfeggio, ear training, piano, guitar, and vocal techniques. She also learned how to write songs and compose music. She graduated from the conservatory in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in music.

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Career beginnings and breakthrough

Sura Iskenderli started her professional career as a singer-songwriter in 2019, when she signed a contract with WediaCorp Music, a Turkish record label. She released her debut single "Niye" in February 2019, which was a pop ballad with R&B influences. The song received positive feedback from the listeners and critics, and marked the beginning of her successful journey in the Turkish music scene.

Her breakthrough came with her second single "Bir Daha Yak", which was released in June 2019. The song was a catchy and upbeat pop tune with electronic elements, which showcased her powerful vocals and catchy lyrics. The song became a huge hit in Turkey, reaching number one on several music charts and platforms. It also received a nomination for the Song of the Year at the Golden Butterfly Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in Turkey.

Since then, Sura Iskenderli has released several other singles that have been well-received by the audience and critics alike. Some of her popular songs include "Yaram Derinden", "Taştan Yürek", "Kandırma", "Yok", and "Sen Olmadan". She has also collaborated with other artists such as Lil Orxan, Yeni Türkü Zamansız, and Özkan Meydan.

Musical style and influences

Sura Iskenderli's musical style can be described as pop with R&B, electronic, and folk influences. She writes her own songs and composes her own music, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, emotions, and observations. She also incorporates elements from her Azerbaijani roots and culture into her songs.

Sura Iskenderli has cited several artists as her musical influences, such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey , Celine Dion, Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan, and Tarkan. She has also expressed her admiration for Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish. She has said that she wants to create music that appeals to different generations and cultures, and that she hopes to collaborate with international artists in the future.

What are some of her popular songs?

Sura Iskenderli has released a total of nine singles so far, and each one of them has been a hit in the Turkish music market. Here are some of her most popular songs and their meanings:

Bir Daha Yak

Bir Daha Yak, which means "Burn Me Again" in English, is a song about a toxic relationship that is hard to let go of. The song expresses the feelings of a woman who is addicted to a man who hurts her repeatedly, but she still wants him back. The song has a catchy chorus and a danceable beat, which makes it a perfect party anthem. The song has over 200 million views on YouTube and over 100 million streams on Spotify.

Yaram Derinden

Yaram Derinden, which means "My Wound is Deep" in English, is a song about a painful breakup that leaves a deep scar on the heart. The song conveys the emotions of a woman who is trying to heal from the betrayal and loss of her lover, but she still misses him and suffers from his absence. The song has a melancholic melody and a powerful vocal performance, which makes it a tear-jerker. The song has over 150 million views on YouTube and over 80 million streams on Spotify.

Taştan Yürek

Taştan Yürek, which means "Stone Heart" in English, is a song about a cold-hearted man who does not care about the feelings of his partner. The song depicts the frustration and anger of a woman who is fed up with the lies and indifference of her lover, and she decides to end the relationship and move on. The song has a rock-inspired sound and a fierce attitude, which makes it a empowering anthem. The song has over 100 million views on YouTube and over 60 million streams on Spotify.


Kandırma, which means "Don't Fool Me" in English, is a song about a cheating man who tries to deceive his partner with false promises and excuses. The song exposes the lies and manipulations of the man, and warns him that he will lose his partner if he does not change his ways. The song has a pop-funk vibe and a sassy tone, which makes it a catchy tune. The song has over 50 million views on YouTube and over 40 million streams on Spotify.

What are some of her awards and achievements?

Sura Iskenderli has received several awards and recognitions for her music career, both in Turkey and abroad. Here are some of her notable achievements:

Golden Butterfly Awards nomination

The Golden Butterfly Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in Turkey, which honor the best in Turkish television, cinema, music, and theater. Sura Iskenderli was nominated for the Song of the Year award for her single "Bir Daha Yak" in 2019, which was a huge honor for a newcomer in the industry. She competed with other famous artists such as Ebru Yaşar, Edis, Hande Yener, and Murda.

Music Stars Awards win

The Music Stars Awards are an annual award ceremony that celebrates the best in Turkish music, based on online voting by fans. Sura Iskenderli won the Best Female Pop Singer award in 2020, beating other popular singers such as Aleyna Tilki, Simge Sağın, Zeynep Bastık, and İrem Derici. She also performed at the ceremony with her hit songs "Bir Daha Yak" and "Yaram Derinden".

Spotify Turkey Top 50 chart entries

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world, and Turkey is one of its biggest markets. Sura Iskenderli has achieved remarkable success on Spotify Turkey Top 50 chart, which ranks the most streamed songs in the country. She has entered the chart with all of her singles so far, reaching the top 10 with four of them: "Bir Daha Yak" (#1), "Yaram Derinden" (#2), "Taştan Yürek" (#5), and "Kandırma" (#8). She has also reached over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, which is a remarkable feat for a Turkish pop singer.

YouTube views and subscribers

YouTube is another major platform for music consumption and promotion, and Sura Iskenderli has also achieved impressive results on YouTube. She has over 1.5 million subscribers on her official YouTube channel, where she uploads her music videos, lyric videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage. She has also amassed over 600 million views on her videos, with four of them surpassing 100 million views: "Bir Daha Yak" (200 million), "Yaram Derinden" (150 million), "Taştan Yürek" (100 million), and "Niye" (100 million).


Sura Iskenderli is one of the most talented and successful singers in the Turkish pop music scene. She has a unique voice, a versatile musical sty


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