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[S1E14] Out Of His Head

The 14th episode of Transformers Prime aried on The Hub on the 7th May 2011. The episode was titled Out of his head and continued directly from the end of the 13th episode, Sick Mind.

[S1E14] Out of His Head

The episode begins with Optimus Prime a "health check" from Ratchet to see how the leaer of the Autobots is recovering from the virus he caught the previous week. Time skips on and Bumblebee is playing a game of Basketball, Cybetronian style, against Bulkhead but the Autobot scout keeps getting flashes of Megatron's memories as the Decepticon leader tries to take control of his mind.

Whilst this has been going on, Starscream comes up with a new scheme to prove to the Decepticons that he is the rightful replacement for Megatron and so the scene switches back to the Autobot base where Agent Fowler informs the Autobots that the Decepticons have stolen a lense that was meant for a powerful space telescope. The lense is fitted with a tracking device which the Autobot's used to determine that the Decepticons have taken it to the North Pole and a huge Energon deposit. The Decepticons are planning on using the lense, as a part of a lazer, to melt the ice caps and gain access to the Energon deposit. Agent Fowler warns the Optimus Prime of the disastrous consequences of allowing such a plan to work. As such, Optimus Prime, Arcee and Bulkhead ground-bridge back to the artic whilst Ratchet stays behind.

As Ratchet follows Megatron, Optimus Prime starts to scale the ice using Bulkhead and Arcee as a diversion. It works and the Decepticons unleash Breakdown to stop the two Autobots. Optimus scales the ice and lauches himself onto the Decepticon ship whilst Arcee and Bulkhead battle it out below. Inside the ship, at the same time, Ratchet and Raf can not stop Megatron from transfering his mind back into his freshly revived body. Megatron leaves the two Autobots, as Bumblebee is now once again in control of himself, to a squad of Eradicons whilst he goes to settle some business for himself with Starscream.

Now onboard the ship, Optimus charges the laser in vehicle mode and manages to destroy it as well as damage the Decepticon spacecraft all in one blow. The explosion that follows not only throws the Autobot leader back down onto the ice, but also breaks up the fight between Arcee, Bulkhead and Breakdown. As Optimus lies prone on the ice Starscream, now in jet mode, prepares to make a final attack and finish Optimus off for good.As the angry Decepticon is about to fire his rockets an unlikely saviour emerges in the form of Megatron. Megatron collides with Starscream in his own jet form, dragging his minion back to the Decepticon base. The Autobots have tiem to re-group whilst Megatron takes his anger out on Starscream dragging him away by his head.

Defending Zenitsu for protecting Nezuko's box, Tanjiro charges at the masked Demon Slayer of Final Selection. With all his might, he lands a punch that cracks the stranger's ribs and sends him flying; he angrily states that Zenitsu isn't drawing his blade because it is taboo for Demon Slayers to harm one another, yet he endured a single-sided beating over his ignorance. The masked Slayer gives a weak apology and decides to fight Tanjiro bare-handed; Tanjiro tries to add that it is taboo for them to fight in any way but the masked Demon Slayer charges ahead and attacks.

Tanjiro fights back but struggles to land a blow, with the stranger's low fighting stance akin to a beast; he tries to get down lower to land a hit but the masked Demon Slayer's extraordinary flexibility comes into play, hitting his head by bending his legs forward.

He then demonstrates how far he can stretch backwards, causing Tanjiro to warn him against doing so due to his wounds. The stranger bluntly says he doesn't care about the future and simply enjoys the now, angering Tanjiro over his lack of foresight. He grabs the masked Demon Slayer by the shoulders and demands he calm himself down, head butting him square in the forehead.

Tanjiro believes he has a concussion from his headbutt; an amazed Teruko asks if she can touch his forehead, while Zenitsu is in disbelief that there is no blood on Tanjiro. Sometime later, Inosuke wakes up with a loud scream, frightening Zenitsu. He chases him until he sees the children and Tanjiro burying the dead from the mansion. He asks what they are doing and why, refusing to help out, to Zenitsu's bewilderment. Tanjiro answers that he isn't doing so because he is hurt, to Inosuke's shock. He suddenly yells out that he isn't to be underestimated and can bury hundreds of corpses and beat them all. That afternoon, the children, Tanjiro and Zenitsu pray for the souls of the deceased, while Inosuke remains busy with head butting the trees around him.

In the house, she provides them with a change of clothes and a meal; Zenitsu naively believes she is a monster but is scolded by Tanjiro for his rudeness. As they eat, Inosuke begins to gobble his food by hand and creating a large mess while doing so; Zenitsu asks for him to use chopsticks but Inosuke ignores him and continues to wolf down his meal. Later, the woman proves them with futons to sleep on; Inosuke quickly picks one and states "first come, first served". Tanjiro happily accepts his choice, to Inosuke's annoyance, and asks where Zenitsu will sleep, only for Inosuke to hurl a pillow at Zenitsu's head.

The old woman then introduces them to a doctor to help check their injuries, where they realize that all of them have broken ribs. As they lie in bed, Inosuke then claims that the lump on his head from Tanjiro's head butt hurts more, leading Tanjiro to apologize. Zenitsu takes the chance and asks for Inosuke's apology for beating him, to which Inosuke claims he'll pass the chance, annoying him and Tanjiro for his rudeness.

Miko referees a basketball game between Bumblebee and Bulkhead. Bulkhead easily sinks the first basket, but as Bumblebee goes to shoot, he suddenly flashes back to the space bridge explosion. When Bulkhead interrupts the vision, he gets the ball thrown at his head. Bumblebee apologizes and they play on. Later on, Bumblebee freezes as Megatron takes control. Megatron wonders how he escaped the destruction of the space bridge, and he recalls Starscream pulling the sliver of Dark Energon from his chest. Now knowing what he needs to restore his body, Megatron vows to take revenge upon his subordinate.

Ratchet leaves Raf and Bumblebee to find parts to repair the equipment Bumblebee damaged. While he's gone, Bumblebee suddenly powers up and heads to the main control room, where he activates the GroundBridge. Ratchet and Raf are surprised to find him departing through the GroundBridge and wonder where the diminutive Autobot is going. Bumblebee arrives at the battlefield where Optimus and Ratchet once fought Megatron's army of Terrorcons, in search of the Dark Energon shard Megatron used to raise the dead. Ratchet attempts to use the GroundBridge to follow Bumblebee, but once he activates it, Bumblebee promptly steps back through, carrying the Dark Energon, and decks the medic. Having placed Raf out of the way, Bumblebee runs back through the GroundBridge. Ratchet realizes that Megatron's mind has taken over Bumblebee, and he tracks the scout to coordinates in the Arctic. Raf insists on going too.

Atop the Decepticon warship, Starscream spots Bulkhead and Arcee. Knock Out orders Breakdown to deal with the two Autobots, and the big 'Con starts laying into them. Meanwhile, the unseen Optimus scales a nearby cliff.

Optimus reaches the top of his cliff and takes a flying leap onto the Decepticon ship. On the ground, Arcee and Bulkhead continue to battle Breakdown. Starscream and Knock Out spot Optimus coming towards them across the hull of the ship, and Starscream turns the heat ray on the Autobot leader. Undeterred, Optimus drives all the way up to the heat ray and slices it with his sword, causing the whole thing to explode. Optimus is thrown to the ground, only to face the rage of Starscream, who begins diving towards him, missiles at the ready. Starscream is intercepted halfway through the dive by Megatron, who takes his disloyal lieutenant back to the Decepticon warship. Faced with his old leader, Starscream attempts to flee in his vehicle mode, only for Megatron to grab him by the tail and toss him against the ship. Even the promise of nearby Autobots to destroy isn't enough to distract Megatron, who begins dragging Starscream away by the head.

Lee Coffin:Dateline: a campus near you. Read all about it. Press releases, articles, blogs, news feeds, rankings, books, tweets, post, podcasts. The head spins and swims with admissions updates, news, spin, lists, commentary, gossip. So much buzz, too much info, too many opinions. I'm here to help. When the beat is loud, I'll turn down the volume. I'm Lee Coffin, Dartmouth's dean of admissions. Welcome to the Admission Beat, the pod for news, conversation and advice on all things college admissions.

Matt Hyde:And Kate, I think it's so important for the young people that you're working with to give them permission to get excited and to surprise themselves. I fear that they feel like there's only a certain number of schools that they're allowed to get excited about. And I have a lot of fun blowing people's minds about how powerful and compelling Lafayette is. And sometimes they're approaching us with a side eye like, "You weren't on my list, but someone put you on my list and I'm checking you out." And it's fun to watch them realize, wait a second, this is it. This could be a wonderful fit and match for me. And to allow them to open up, to let them wrap their head and heart around us. And I think too many students are driven by the prestige factor and they shut themselves down to so many great opportunities that might be perfect for them.

Matt Hyde:Well, it depends, especially a student coming from further afield. I mean, Lafayette has a wonderful presence in deep roots in the north east, especially for students who are thinking about liberal arts, engineering, division one athletics, access to two cool cities. But when someone happens upon us from Florida, from Texas, from Chicago or California, they have serviced in their search and they get on the campus like, whoa, wow, look at this. And it's just that initial like my friends haven't heard about this place, teachers haven't heard about this place. And that creates a little more of a barrier for colleges that aren't as known in secondary and tertiary markets. But the minute we engage and inspire these folks, they head back to their communities and their visit reverberates and it helps create word of mouth traffic. So this is where I just hope that college counselors across the land and Kate is one of the best in the world, empower these students to realize yeah, you get to make some choices here and you're allowed to get excited and you're allowed to be surprised and surprise yourself along the way. 041b061a72


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