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Windows Xp Sp3 Pro Black Widow Lite Edition BEST

select the recovering from backup option in the system restore application to begin the recovery process. youll first be shown the window figure e, where youll see the option to either run the recovering windows xp screen as an administrator, or start the recovery wizard. click the start button, and select start windows xp repair from the repair your computer screen.

Windows xp Sp3 pro black Widow Lite Edition

once the upgrade is complete, windows xp will restart and the desktop will be replaced with the windows xp setup window (see the dialog box in figure d). press [f8] to restart the upgrade process. youll also see a new setup window that prompts you to activate the windows xp software. if you click on the [next] button, youll see a screen that contains a long list of optional upgrades. click on [next].

when youre prompted to restart your system, press [f8] to restart windows xp. if you get a blue screen of death (bsod) error when you attempt to boot, try the following options: restart windows xp in safe mode. choose start > all programs > accessories > command prompt. at the command prompt, type the following command: bootrec /fixmbr. this will set your computer back to the windows xp default settings.

click on the [next] button to proceed with the installation. windows xp will continue to install. if you get an error message about the root filesystem or a problem with the microsoft access database, check your hard disk and verify that it is not damaged. make sure you have at least 12gb of free disk space available.

click on the [next] button to proceed with the installation. when the installation is complete, your computer will reboot and windows xp will restart. once the upgrade process finishes, youll see a white windows xp screen. youll have to follow the onscreen instructions to restart your computer.


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