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Tank Download: The Most Popular and Fun Tank Game in the World

v1.18.0.1 #06 (15-09-2022):- updated the 6th sense icons [switched to version used before WoT 1.18.0; fixed by ktulho] (it's possible to select 6th sense position again)- re-added ServerMarker by Awfultanker [please note that changing of the view scale (typically via resolution change) is not supported in this interim release. This will be fixed in a later version.]

tank download

v1.17.0.1 #07 (28-06-2022):- updated Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds and Engines (Zorgane)- added new mod Editable tank filter sets for carousel (by ol-loginov) [mod #1199]- re-added Serial Number Changer (by Kurzdor): [Fixed crash issues when graphics in battle was broken, Fixed crash issues when getting frags count in garage, Frag count getter in garage is enhanced and optimized, Added note in mod configurator that frag counter is not updating in battle in real-time, Mod now properly handles settings changes]- added more options to the Minimalistic garage branch

v1.16.1.0 #12 (26-04-2022):- updated Awfultanker Session Stats [Fixed the in-game WN8 display. This might have blocked other in-game performance mods from working correctly even if not using this functionality of Session Stats]- updated Battle Results Window: Ragnarocek, Pin Up Girl, Beach Party, Anime, Frost, Sexy, Bayraktar

"- NEW BRANCH of Soviet light tanks. They're nimble scouts, and the T-100 LT and other higher-tier tanks feature a new spotting mechanic. - NEW MODE! Try out one of the squad roles in Big Boss!- LUNAR NEW YEAR! Take part in two events: ""Dance of the Tiger"" with the Steyr WT among rewards and ""Legend of the Three Warriors"" with three tanks to choose from.- Straight from Titan Labs: OPERATION Field Test and the armored Titan-150."

Download Tank Company on PC with BlueStacks and hop into the cockpit of a steel-armored war machine. Take part in heart-pounding 15v15 tank battles against real players from all over the world. Work together with your teammates to dominate your foes and crush your rivals across a number of detailed warzones.

Pick from a huge roster of more than 100 incredible World War 2 and Cold War tanks from the USSR, the USA, Germany, including popular mass-production models as well as obscure prototypes and test vehicles.

For each scene, we provide a high-resolution video. Your task is to reconstruct a 3D model from it. Once you have reconstructed the entire intermediate set or the advanced set, you can submit your results for evaluation and put your name on the leaderboard. For quick start, we provide a uniformly distributed set of frames from each video. They can be used as input to off-the-shelf reconstruction systems such as COLMAP. (See our tutorial page for instructions on how to setup a workable system.) For advanced users, please download the videos as they are the raw 4K videos captured with a high-end camera. Additionally, for training datasets, ground-truth geometry is provided for training purposes. For your convenience, we provide a python downloader that can be used to download some or all of the data. We highly recommend using the downloader. It will automatically check MD5 to make sure the downloaded files are complete.

By default downloads all the image-sets and unpacks them in the accordingly named folders. The later option is recommended for the video files since the manual download can be cumbersome due to their size.

This table contains the COLMAP reconstruction results for the training data image sets provided in the table above. The image sets are sampled at a frame rate of 1 fps from the video while the video was recorded with 29.97 fps. To find the corresponding frame F to the image I you need to calculate: F = int(I*29.97), starting with I=0. The reconstructions are made with an "out of the box" COLMAP configuration and can be downloaded as *.ply files together with the camera poses (stored in *.log file format). The alignment text file contains the transformation matrix to align the COLMAP reconstruction to the according ground-truth point cloud, and the *.json crop files contain the bounding box coordinates for each model. If you want to work on all training set models you can speed up the download process by getting the zip file here, containing all the necessary files.

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No prizes for guessing what the guts of this game involve. Yes that's right Timmy, it's about racing tanks. Installation is quick and simple, and within a few minutes you can get behind the wheel (or whatever it is tanks have). The controls are fairly simple, although you'd be hard pressed to make much use of the turret controls with just a keyboard. This isn't really a problem, though. You'll find yourself too occupied with driving the tank to spare too much digital-dexterity for fancy turret-waving displays. The tanks are well rendered (they've got a chubby "toy tank" look, the "screaming death machine" look is obviously outthis season) with nice shiny bits, and reasonable detail. There are a lot of 2D sprites in the game however, which is surprising considering the hardware requirements. Most non-building type objects are squashable--and for a tank game, they damn well better be--but some of them are somewhat lacking in detail. On the other hand, once something's been run over by a tank, you don't need a lot of detail. This isn't too worrying, as the rest of the scenery is fairly well executed, but not eye-popping. The colours are bright, and almost cartoonish, which fits in well with the game's atmosphere. The wildlife leaves a lot to be desired, though. Cows, ducks and other assorted squashables are scattered over the landscape. They look sprite-based and have a somewhat 2D appearance--an appearance which is perfected when you run them over. Instead of exploding into doggie-snax or Pink Mist, they just fall down like cardboard cut-outs. Bleh. I don't know of this was a deliberate anti-gore decision, but it's so out of place, it's almost jarring.

The game's physics are also a bit odd. The tanks don't have a lot of grip, and their turning radius is quite large (even the tank with the best handling suffered from this). These two factors made racing them somewhat frustrating. I'll accept low traction, so long as I can shove my chosen vehicle into a sideways drift around the track when I need to, but the large turning radius prevents this from happening. In the end you just have to allow yourself a large margin of error for course corrections, and let the scenery shunt you in the right direction. The racing doesn't feel particularly fast either, but very few games get that right, and you wouldn't expect it in a tank game... so what doyou expect?

Of course, the real question in any tank game is "what about the firepower?". Well, this is a racing game, first and foremost. None of the vehicles can be destroyed (or even damaged). This was a good move, IMHO. The Carmageddon games do allow the total destruction of the participant's vehicle, and that shifted the gameplay almost entirely away from actually racing. The shells just give the target a slight knock (or a big one if you've got the right power-up), but because the tracks are relatively short and winding, even a slight shove can lose you a place or two. This gives the game a degree of tension which would otherwise be lacking in such a slow feeling racer. The turret's elevation (and therefore your shell's range) is determined automatically, and the bearing is also fairly generously automated. You only have to be pointing roughly at your target to hit it, with a margin of error of roughly +/- 10 degrees. his means you can actually compete fairly well against the computer's internal trig tables. Aside from a Big Bomb, other power-ups include a homing missile, mines and (of course) a turbo boost. There's also a UFO beacon, which causes the target to be picked up and dropped a depressingly large distance back down the track. It's basically game over if you get nailed by one of these. Other than that, playing Tank Racer is a relatively un-frustrating experience... something which I value very highly in a racing game. The AI isn't too demanding, and the courses are relatively easy to learn.

The sounds in Tank Racer are also a mixed bag. The engine noises are reasonably good, but if I'm driving a tank, I also want a nice satisfying explosions when I pop off a shell, and when they hit something... and Tank Racer doesn't really deliver them. For me, this detracted greatly from the game's atmosphere. The game sounds are in straight .WAV format, though, so replacing them with something better is an option, but not really an acceptable one. The soundtrack, though, is well executed. There are close to a dozen original compositions, and despite their Euro-techno sound they're a cut above the usual boom-chaka soundtrack arcade racers usually end up with.

Like a lot of games that try to merge two genres, Tank Racer suffers from a little schizophrenia. It's not exactly a top-notch racer, and the tank aspect isn't as well implemented as it could have been. All of which is something of a shame, because for all its shortfalls in the design area, Tank Racer is actually a well-implemented game. I encountered precisely zero bugs, the engine is slick despite its dated look and the interface is easy to navigate. Once you get used to the way the game works, it's a fairly solid racer... but it's missing too much originality and punch to elevate it to the heights of greatness. Having said that, I personally like my racers fast and brutal, but if you're looking for something a bit more fun than it is furious, Tank Racer might just be your cup of tea.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!


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