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Buy Keep Calm Posters

Thorpe reports that the poster was originally commissioned as one of a series of three propaganda posters designed by the British government in 1939. All of them use a distinctive sans serif typeface that may have been drawn by hand on a solid color background, topped by a crown.

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The millions of "Keep Calm" posters were pulped after 1940 because of a wartime paper shortage. Only the Manleys' copy and one other were known to exist until 2012, when Antiques Roadshow uncovered a batch of 20, Thorpe says.

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The first two designs were posted in September of the same year, appearing up and down the country in railway stations and shop windows. The Keep Calm posters were stored, to be used only in case of crisis or invasion. The posters were never officially issued and thus, remained unseen by the public.

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During the Second World War, the British Government formed the Ministry of Information as a means of developing publicity and propaganda. When war broke out in 1939, it was up to the Ministry of Information to create several posters designed for boosting morale amongst the British public who were still wary after the First World War. They were to be displayed all over Britain in prominent places where they could not be missed.

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In the summer of 1939, as war with Germany seemed increasingly likely, Ministry of Information planners designed the Keep Calm poster in order to stiffen morale in the event of just such an emergency. Nearly 2.5 million copies were printed. But unlike two other propaganda posters created at the same time, Keep Calm was never publicly displayed on a large scale, because the mass bombing raids that were expected at the start of the war never came.

In April 1940, with the British people having adjusted to the Phoney War and no sign of an impending aerial apocalypse, the vast majority of the Keep Calm posters were pulped and recycled, with only a few making their way into public view.

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During the years before the outbreak of the war, the Ministry of Information had designed a selection of posters to be published in case of international conflict and German aggression. One line of posters followed a corporate design: All posters were red and white (although today sometimes cited with different colours), with simple graphics and messages. 041b061a72


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