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How to Create Acapella Lyrics with Voice Trap V20

How to Create Acapella Lyrics with Voice Trap V20

If you are a fan of karaoke or remixing songs, you might have wondered how to create acapella lyrics from any track. Acapella lyrics are vocals that are isolated from the instrumental background, allowing you to sing along or use them for your own creative projects. In this article, we will show you how to use Voice Trap V20, a powerful plugin that can remove or isolate vocals from any audio track.

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What is Voice Trap V20?

Voice Trap V20 is an audio plugin that works with any VST or DirectX compatible host application. It uses sophisticated FFT and cepstral algorithms to analyze the frequency spectrum of the audio and separate the vocal from the non-vocal components. Unlike traditional methods that subtract the left channel from the right, Voice Trap V20 preserves the stereo output, the bass frequencies, and the overall mix quality. You can also choose to remove the vocal or isolate it, depending on your preference.

How to Use Voice Trap V20?

To use Voice Trap V20, you need to have a host application that supports VST or DirectX plugins, such as Audacity, FL Studio, Cubase, etc. You also need to have a stereo audio track that contains vocals. Here are the steps to create acapella lyrics with Voice Trap V20:

  • Open your host application and load your audio track.

  • Insert Voice Trap V20 as an effect on your audio track.

Adjust the settings of Voice Trap V20 according to your needs. You can use the presets or tweak the knobs manually. The main parameters are:

  • Center Channel: This controls how much of the center channel is removed or isolated. A higher value means more removal or isolation.

  • Cepstral: This controls how much of the cepstral liftering method is applied. This method can identify harmonically rich elements in the mix and remove or isolate them. A higher value means more removal or isolation.

  • Output: This controls whether you want to output the vocal removed or isolated track.

  • Preview and fine-tune your results until you are satisfied.

  • Save or export your acapella lyrics as a new audio file.

Examples of Acapella Lyrics Created with Voice Trap V20

To give you an idea of what Voice Trap V20 can do, here are some examples of acapella lyrics created with this plugin. You can listen to the original tracks and compare them with the vocal removed or isolated tracks.

Original TrackVocal Removed TrackVocal Isolated Track

Karmin - AcapellaListenListen

Drake - AcapellaListenListen

Ed Sheeran - Shape of YouListenListen


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