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by spabettie at Citysearch

Paul has exceptional skill and makes my hair look FABULOUS!! I am always happy with the result, he is consistent -- if I want the same look each time I get it -- and when I was ready for a change he listened and followed through. Paul is friendly and genuine, and you can tell he really loves his industry. He is meticulous and detailed, giving 100%. His cutting skills are highly advanced, as is his beautiful color. Thank you Paul !

  • Pros: talented and knowledgeable, great location, quality product


by thescientist at Citysearch

Just what i had been looking for a proffessional salon (the owner has over 30 yrs exp.) without all the pretention of your typical upscale portland salon. I had heard about them from a friend and decided to try them out, boy am i glad i did! I came to him with a horrible color job i had paid too much for at a pricy well known salon downtown. Paul(the owner and main stylist) knew exactly what tones to add to create a flattering color that i am constantly recieving compliments for. He was very fair and generous with his time, qualities which are sometimes very hard to find.I was told my hair would have to be stripped-which is extremely damaging- to achieve the color i wanted but paul was able to mix a beautiful color that was exactly what i wanted and after using a 4 part treatment system at no extra charge i left there with hair that has NEVER looked or felt better.

  • Pros: Hollywood hair at a reasonable price
  • Cons: none

Awesome job!

by angel10 at Citysearch

Ive been seeing paul at the blue chair salon for a few months now and absolutely love my hair each time i see him. I go to him because he has an opinion of how my hair should look in relation to my face shape and coloring instead of just asking me what i want. Often in the past when ive gotten a great haircut i am dissapointed when the stylist fails to recreate it the next time but pauls consistancy is on point and i am always thrilled with the outcome. I never have felt rushed and am always greeted with a friendly attitude. Paul obviously has a great deal of experience a takes pride in his work even going so far as to refresh my color in between touch ups at no extra charge.

  • Pros: friendly,talented, precise
  • Cons: none

Need a color correction? Paul is your guy....

by SuzyPDX at Citysearch

I' ve been bleaching my hair blonde from a box for the past 5 years. Suddenly I felt the need to get back to my roots, so to speak.

I've gone back to brown from blonde several times before....never with any success. It usually turns green for a week before it goes to a redder version of my ash brown original.

This time I decided to go to a color expert that specializes in color correction. Lucky me, I found Paul.

Paul is the salon owner, but he made me feel right at home .He set me right at ease with his incredible European/Austrailian accent as he described in full what he planned to do, and then he got right to work. There must've been over 200 foils in my head, and he blended three different colors together.

The result....a beautiful melange of warm brown, ash blonde and just enough leftover blonde highlights to create depth and movement. It's better than my natural color, and a welcome change from the stark platinum shade I was sporting.

Then came the cut...hellooo, sexy!! He gave me an updated shag that requires little maintenance, but looks great....even on a typical rainy/windy Oregon kind of day. I was impressed with how much time he took to cut each hair until he was completely satisfied.

Bravo, Paul! I came to you for just a color correction, and you gave my hair a new lease on life! I will definitely be back!!

  • Pros: Nice Salon...fair prices....great service
  • Cons: parking is challenging, but worth it!!

Highly recommend!!!!

by marie503 at Citysearch

Paul is very good about taking what i envision for my hair and improving on it. I would definately recommend him to anyone who is nervous about making a change or worried about translating what they want.

  • Pros: thorough, artistic, highly skilled
  • Cons: none

Allison H. on Yelp Says: 
I came to Blue Chair after an awful experience with a color correction at Bliss (this is when you screw up your own hair trying to be thrifty with home hair color and end up paying twice as much to have a professional fix what inevitably goes wrong.) My home hair color was live-able, just not what I wanted, but the girl at Bliss made it a LOT worse and then refused to fix it.

Paul at Blue Chair was willing to take me on and was able to fix the horrible color job I'd gotten at Bliss. I've been back to see him twice since then, and my hair comes back to life a little more with each visit. Between the hair color damage, and my need to be able to wear my naturally very curly hair both curly and straight, Emily's cuts and color somehow manage to make my hair look healthy and low maintenance.

I worked at a salon part time through college and have had my hair done by very talented people over the years, and I can easily say Paul is one of the best. He listens and works with you to give you what you want, and isn't afraid to recommend something else if she thinks a different approach would look better. The home hair color / Bliss experience was a disaster, but it all worked out in the end because now I have an awesome stylist!

Beth M. on Yelp says: 

Once upon a time I had access to the best of the best in the way of stylists....I was young and naive, and when the gravy train ended, I started looking for shortcuts...

It started innocently enough, with m e giving myself bang trims between haircuts. Before you know it, that bang trim led to other things, and pretty soon I was cutting and coloring my own hair, convinced that I couldn't do any more harm than the endless string of stylists I'd hired and fired in the same day. I would cut and color my hair until there was no saving myself, and then shell out an extra hundred dollars to get myself in a chair with someone who specialized in "corrective" haircare. It was a vicious cycle.

You know how in-between haircuts your hair can take on a shape of it's own? Metamorphosing into something barely resembling the original style? Then, when you finally get in a professional chair, the result is so drastically different that everyone asks you "Did you get a haircut?".....this is what happens if you cut doesn't hold it's shape. It used to happen to me several times a year...

Then I met Paul Kovacevic at Blue Chair Salon. His ease behind the sheers reminded me of a high end stylist in NY whom I worked with many moons ago...suddenly I felt at ease and transformed. Paul listens to what his clients ask for, but his incredible technique leaves you with hair that lasts well past the usual 4-6 week time frame....both cut AND color. Paul's prices are right in line with other salons in Portland, but his expertise sends him above and beyond what others can do....he's not a local stylist, he's a European born, Australian trained, Bi-coastal American stylist who is always going to workshops and training, so he is ahead of the fashion curve.

I now have my forever hair stylist, and I'll never go back to trimming my own bangs.....